Our Small group Bible Studies Meet at 9:30 am each Sunday.

We have wonderful Teachers and a class for everyone! Please join us this Sunday!

 (There are greeters at our Welcome Center to help you find the class for you)

Young Adults 1/Singles & Married (ages 20-early 30’s) – Greg & Mary Gentry, Teachers; Room 202
Young Adults 2/Couples (ages 30-early 40’s) – Tracy Green & Joel Conrad, Teachers; Room 225   Click here to join their facebook group!

Women’s Class (ages 30-49) - Traci Powell, Teacher, Room 225B
Median Adults 1 (Co-ed/ages 40-early 50’s) - Teachers: Jeff Brett & Bob Turner, Room 224
                                                                                  Ken Taylor, Room 224B
                                                                                  David Yelton & Larry Hutchens, Room 224C
Median Adults 2 (ages 50’s-60’s) - Teachers:  Katie Blount, Berean Women’s Class, Room 226D
                                                                                  Bill & Ellie Loudermilk  Co-ed Class, Room 226B
                                                                                  Keiland Hairrington, Men’s Class, Room 226C
                                                                                  Jack White & Greg White, Co-ed Class, Room 227
Median Adults 3/Buice Co-ed Class (all ages) – Teachers: Peggy Brett & Heather Reed, Fellowship Hall
Senior Adults 1 (ages 60 and up) – Teachers:  Homer Rood, Teresi Men’s Class, Room 223C
                                                                                  Deanna Cooper, Joy Women’s Class, Room 223A
                                                                                  Ann Taylor, Willing Workers Women’s Class, Room 223D
                                                                                  Dave Crockett, Dot Hardy Co-ed Class, Room 223B
Senior Adults 2 (ages 65 and up) – Teachers: Virginia Jones, Dorcas Women’s Class, Room 108
                                                                                 Carolyn Hamrick, Jewel Women’s Class, Room 109
                                                                                 Doris Thames, New Beginnings Women’s, Room 110
                                                                                 Ned Nichols, Barnabas Men’s Class, Room 111
First Steps (New Members) Class – Teacher: Jamie Powell, Room 201
Summerhill  Nursing Home –Teacher: Carolyn Sutton
Middle School, High School, and College Classes meet in the Crosswalk Student Center.
Grade 5 – Teachers: Ray Banker, Janice & Richard Williams, Room 207
Grades 3& 4 – Teachers: Becky Crockett & Carol Montgomery, Room 209
Grades 1 & 2 – Teachers: Betty Bowman, Janice Erwin, Georgianne Terry, Room 212
Four & Five Year Olds – Teachers: Debbie Russell & Carolyn Wood, Room 105
Three Year Olds – Teachers: Jimmy Connell, Judy Drummond, Annolene White, Room 101
Two Year Olds – Teachers: Vickie Banker & Barbi Flournoy, Room 100
Nursery (Bed Babies & Creepers) – Teachers: Lilli Nichols, Tricia Parker, Kay Rowell